Three seemingly random people – Taliya Murad, a scammer, Fateh Ramzel, a Malaysian politician and, Adam Bin Muhammad, a body-man to a politician are brought together by fate to share the biggest journey of their lives. Travelling through past and future, forming formidable friendships and playing roles of a princess, a slave and an author in their alternate lives in ancient Malaka, this trio is bent on winning the reader’s heart.
A fairytale of dreamers, book lovers, friendships, complicated relationships, love and much more.

A one of its kind thrillers about dreams, ambitions, treasure hunts and lessons, lost hopes, hopes found, never giving up, and lots of time travel. This political-fantasy novel is full of small jaw-dropping moments and a number of climaxes that left me in trance for a long time.
– Review by Aysha Wasim

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